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Focusing on digital marketing

Marketing digital

The growth that digital marketing actions have experienced in recent years was really remarkable.

By Claudio Fazzone*

If we think about the evolution of this medium, we originally go back to the possibility of having a website, a blog, making communications on Facebook, sending email marketing and, as something much more sophisticated, using SMS.

While we talk about digital marketing, it is marketing; The same marketing with two distinct paths: offline (traditional) and online (digital).

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The great advantage of this online channel is its accessibility. Historically we talk about large marketing campaigns associated with large companies, large budgets; Today we begin to talk about great ideas and great results, which also reach medium and small companies.

Carrying out massive advertising and even direct marketing actions required large budgets, especially for the former; budgets that very few companies had. That has been changing significantly.

Another aspect that reinforces the benefits of digital actions is the possibility of targeting the target segments that interest us. This is a fundamental aspect to optimize investment and take care of our brand.

The development of messaging apps has undoubtedly influenced the constant growth of this channel. From SMS to Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or similar, the change was huge.

The interaction of these channels with RRSS, shopping App, company website... It continues to cause a level of development of actions and applications at an astonishing speed. Just seeing the development of GPT Chat, and the beginning of a new era with the incorporation of artificial intelligence, makes it unimaginable what we can do with these tools.

Beyond the growth that digital marketing actions have had in recent years, we can affirm that the level of use of this channel is still very low.

We understand that there is a lot to do, which is an excellent tool to cover different objectives: position brand, generate database, sell... With the great advantage of being able to direct the message towards target segments, making investment much more productive.

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We also have to keep in mind that these actions must be part of a global marketing strategy without neglecting: offline.

We have to keep in mind that many times due to the instantaneity and low investment of these media ends up causing us to publish messages that end up being counterproductive, and even affect the brand. If we decide to generate online actions we first have to define what we are looking for from them; From this objective develop the strategy.

We propose three initial recommendations for those who are starting in this new channel:

Set Goals – Develop Conversion Funnel
No marketing action should be carried out without establishing what objective I pursue, what results I hope to obtain from it. We have to avoid publishing actions without setting a goal and without taking care of the image aspects of our brands.

We test and see what happens, we publish without taking into account the quality of the message and the image, without studying media or audiences, without evaluating what kind of comments we can have on our publication and how we are going to respond. It's just about publishing. This type of action can be counterproductive and affect our Brand.

Determining the main objective and how secondary objectives and metrics emerge from it will allow us to achieve successful results. We must bear in mind that if we want X numbers of people to see our publication and request the product, we are talking about the final result of the funnel.

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For this to happen we will have to see how we get to X*N for the previous stage and so on until we reach the beginning which is the original publication. Developing the funnel will allow us to assign objectives and actions for each stage optimizing the final result.

It depends on the objective we set: sell a product on the web, inform about the company and services, about products, announce events, obtain data from potential customers ... Each of these goals will require different digital media strategies such as different funnels.

Measure, use indicators
Although we said that digital marketing is associated with lower budgets if we do not measure the results well, and act to improve them, the cost can be high.

The variables to be followed are determined according to the objectives and actions undertaken. If we are looking to sell, surely the cost of customer acquisition (CAC) is fundamental: it tells us how much each client cost us according to the investment we make.

If our focus is purely on communication in RRSS, we can measure number of followers, the traffic that reaches your website through RRSS, interaction of publications.

The conversion rate is also another key factor; It is determined on the goal achieved and the amounts of opportunities you have needed to achieve it.

Define what type of message we are going to transmit.

A very important aspect of the conversation we had with Alberto Benavidez in the previous edition is the need to work on changes in consumption habits so that the market can grow.

This is a responsibility of each one of us who have been working in the market and that, I understand, we have not yet finished translating; Especially in markets where there is a low culture to keep their homes in good condition.

We see in the digital channel an opportunity to work on this point: to seek to generate the need to paint, to renew, to improve the quality of life, while talking about our products and their advantages.

To transmit the messages we can select two alternatives: what would be a direct channel publishing us as companies or the indirect one, through influencers.

On the latter we can also separate them into two large segments: those that are associated with what we do we could call recommenders, and the born influencers who, due to their large number of followers, can cause trends towards the products they promote.

The first step to take is to separate the messages according to the segment of the public that we address: final consumer, surely we talk about the influence of color in the environments, the advantages of washable paint; If we talk to the applicator, the professional teacher, surely we talk about covering power, elasticity; And if we talk to our customers, merchants, we will surely focus on the breadth of the line, delivery service, rotation, etc.

As for influencers, our experience shows us that they are indispensable to grow our followers, to give greater visibility to our brand and our products.

In the professional segment we have to show the product in use situation by a recognized figure. This will give us credibility: with the segment of personalities, a story where you see recognized people entering; For example to our stores, or buying our products, will give us a diffusion.

Are you aware of what Shakira provoked with Casio? The unthinkability of some actions can give us unthinkable results! Just be very careful with the message and always take care of the 'brand'. It's the most important thing!

Until next time!

*Director of Venmark
[email protected]

Federico Duarte
Author: Federico Duarte
Editor en Latin Press, Inc.
Comunicador social y periodista con experiencia de más de 15 años en medios de comunicación. Apasionado por hacer de la vida una historia para contar. [email protected]

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