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High-tech market

Pedro David Ávila Hernández - Chile

A stable national economy plus the positive growth of different industries successfully project the coatings market in the southern country.

by Natalia Ospina


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Say those who know that true success and wisdom are in falling and rising again. Failure is never good, but after a fall, the triumph will always taste sweeter.

Pedro David Ávila Hernández was convinced of this five years ago. A fire completely destroyed the production plant, the warehouses of raw materials and finished products of Chilcorrofin. Chilean company dedicated to the manufacture of paints and special coatings for mining, construction, fishing activities, among others.

"Once the reconstruction was achieved, it was necessary to go out to reconquer the market and retake areas that occupied competing products, while our absence lasted," he recalled.

With 19 years of work in the Chilean company Sociedad Química Chilcorrofin S.A., Ávila works today as deputy manager of technical advice and has under his responsibility, the design of technical specifications of paint protection schemes.

Research and an academic life applied to the characteristics of the modern business world, is the mixture that best describes this professional. His knowledge and experience in the market of the southern country were reflected in the following interview.

Transparency with the client
What are your most significant achievements within the industry?

First of all, to develop in Chilcorrofin a solid, agile, creative and truthful technical advisory department, capable of efficiently solving the problems that are presented to our clients.

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On the other hand, there is the creation of training plans, the contribution to the permanent growth of our company in what has to do with the increase of its production. In addition to the construction of a new, spacious, modern and efficient plant.

What is the key to your professional success?

Honesty and veracity, both virtues achieved in my academic life and then taken, without deformations, to the attention of our clients, without ever having delivered them, not even a gallon of paint, of which I did not have absolute certainty of its quality and its real usefulness to solve the need raised.

To this is added a great perseverance, without ever accepting, a priori, that there is no solution for a client even if it is necessary to invest a large amount of time, patience, study and effort. Despite all the above, I have no doubt that the success I have been able to obtain is due to the goodness of God.

Developing industry
Having managed to keep the national economy stable through clear and open economic policies, with low rates of corruption, are according to Pedro Ávila the most significant reasons that allow him to see with optimism the growth of the coatings industry in the southern country.

What are the characteristics of the Chilean paint market?
The market is very demanding and highly competitive, with high technology, quality products and good behavior over time and with adjusted prices, where you compete permanently to grow. There are many paint factories that deliver products of different qualities, which is something that the customer does not always know how to distinguish. To the above, the arrival of foreign companies is added which makes it even more competitive.

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What growth prospects does the Chilean paint sector have?

We are getting closer and closer to development. Mining, mainly copper, with the price increases of this metal worldwide, has generated an important industrial development.

Salmon farming, of which Chile is also a world leader, pulp, agro-industries and other areas, have emerged in a very important way in recent years, making Chile a country that is growing and that in general, is doing things well.

All of the above has an impact on the factories that provide special paints to these markets and has allowed us to research and develop more and more. The future looks good. As a result of the above, we have been able to manufacture increasingly better products with export possibilities to other countries in South America.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the market?

Chile has steadily advanced and increased its production and research in the field of special paints. The disadvantages of increases in raw materials of course have repercussions, but by doing things better than the rest and with a positive attitude, you can face and overcome the disadvantages.

What are the difficulties facing painting companies today?

They must be the same problems that exist in other countries. Increases in the prices of raw materials, petroleum derivatives, solvents, pigments, additives and others. In addition, the interference of companies that offer products at a low price but of very poor quality.

Research and development

Looking for differentiating factors in the products, is the stone in the shoe for many companies, because it depends on their permanence in the market and competitiveness with other similar ones. Quality management systems also take their part in this differentiating process, however, according to this professional the mixture of all these aspects are the key to success for any industrialist.

How to give greater added value to products?

Designing adequate specifications and providing quality technical advice, in the pre and post sale, along with the research and continuous development of our products. Implement quality management systems. Also, it is necessary to invest in processes that deliver environmentally friendly products and that are able to successfully comply with the regulations that are and will be increasingly demanding.

What should paint companies invest in to be more productive?

In systems that allow to improve the management, together with the control of inventories of products with low rotation and with the implementation of tintometric systems. In addition, to have a modern operations management, with the latest advances in this area.

What do paint companies need to compete globally?

To improve day by day with continuous improvement, developing innovative and different products. In short, it must be researched and developed in order to successfully face competition in this globalized world. Along with the above, it is essential to deliver high quality training, both to our work teams and to our customers.

Career path

Ávila is a Metallurgical Execution Engineer from the University of Chile. He also studied Mossbauer Spectroscopy at the Rocasolano Institute of Physical Chemistry in Madrid, Spain.

Additionally, he was a full-time academic from 1970 to 1988 at the Institute of Research and Essays of Materials of the University of Chile, IDIEM. There he focused on the development of consultancies in the areas of corrosion and construction.

He was also a professor at the Engineering School of the University of Chile in the chairs of introduction to physical metallurgy, materials science, foundry, material properties and manufacturing processes.

He is currently a professor in the chair of metallic, non-metallic and organic coatings.

Pedro is also Chilcorrofin's representative before state agencies, ministries and trade union organizations, such as the Association of Chemical Industrialists (ASIQUIM), the Chilean Chamber of Construction and others. He has also participated in the generation of standards at the National Institute of Standardization (INN).

"There is always a solution for a client even if it is necessary to invest a lot of time, patience, study and effort."

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