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Codelpa achieved 99.95% accuracy in order picking processes

Chile. Codelpa, a Chilean paint company, has introduced a voice system that has allowed the processes of picking, storage and planning of dispatches have reached an accuracy of 99.95%.

This "translates into an unparalleled service for customers and a drastic reduction in returns," says Victor Arevalo, head of logistics at the company.

Following the process of digital transformation outlined by the organization, in the logistics navigation chart it was determined to include voice technology for picking processes, in order to seek through technology greater productivity and security in the distribution center.

A pioneering voice technology system was implemented that has resulted in an exponential improvement in efficiency and accuracy in all distribution and inventory management processes.

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With a strategically located distribution center in Santiago, the company serves a wide range of customers throughout Chile, including its own brand stores, Mundo Pintura, with 23 stores distributed throughout the country.

Additionally, they provide products to two agencies with satellite distribution center roles in Concepción and Puerto Montt. Supervising a team of approximately 100 professionals and managing four production plants, the logistics management of this company is a highly complex environment that demands precision and agility.

The revolutionary implementation of Honeywell's voice system has marked a before and after in the operation. Prior to this innovation, the company relied on radio frequency (RF) technology, which, while effective at the time, presented limitations and challenges.

Codelpa was born in 2011 after the merger of important Chilean brands such as Ceresita, Sipa, Chilcorrofín and Soquina, becoming one of the most outstanding paint and coating companies in the southern country.

According to the same company, the trajectory and market knowledge of these four brands has allowed Codelpa to be recognized for being highly competitive and innovative in the industry.

Over the years, the company has unleashed a logistics transformation that has redefined industry standards.

The decision to embrace this technology was not taken lightly. Operator productivity was a priority, but so was their safety. The ability to keep their hands free while working contributed to a safer and more comfortable environment.

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Beyond the operational benefits, the implementation of the voice system reinforces the company's commitment to sustainability, since reducing picking errors translates directly into a lower environmental impact.

According to the company, the implementation of the system was carried out successfully and efficiently, even amid the challenges presented by the pandemic. The training of operators was essential to ensure a smooth transition, and despite initial misgivings, acceptance was very good.

This initiative has reinforced the company's culture of innovation and set a new standard of excellence in the industry.

Today, the company continues to explore cutting-edge technologies to further optimize its operations. The implementation of RFID technology is under consideration to enhance inventory management.

In addition, the adoption of electric vehicles in the fleet and the evaluation of cloud-based solutions reflect the commitment to sustainability and the constant search for efficiency.

At this moment the company is evaluating to start having cloud-based solutions, in order to forget a little about system updates, servers, operating systems, etc. This will also be a major change for the operation and will surely bring great results again.

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The Logistics Manager at Codelpa, Emilio Gálvez, said: "We remain focused and determined on the implementation of technology, we feel that so far they have catalyzed a revolution in business logistics."

"This bold approach has catapulted the company towards operational excellence, and its commitment to innovation and sustainability sets a model for the sector to follow."

Wilson Ortiz, Professional Service Manager at Cerca Technology, said: "Honeywell's voice technology is an innovative solution that allows distribution center operators to perform their tasks more efficiently, accurately and safely, through the use of voice commands that are transmitted through a portable device (Tallman). improving productivity, quality and worker satisfaction".

"The Coldelpa team has achieved very good results in all its projects implemented with Cerca Technology, this demonstrates the great commitment, dedication and importance they give to the digital transformation of their supply chain," he added.

Federico Duarte
Author: Federico Duarte
Editor en Latin Press, Inc.
Comunicador social y periodista con experiencia de más de 15 años en medios de comunicación. Apasionado por hacer de la vida una historia para contar. [email protected]

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