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Anafapyt pronounces before decree of creation of the ANAM


Mexico. The National Association of Paint and Ink Manufacturers (Anafapyt) has issued a statement in response to the creation of Mexico's National Customs Agency (ANAM).

The publication of the decree authorizing the creation of this entity was given in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF). The ANAM is a decentralized administrative institution of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), which arises to replace the General Administration of Customs.

Faced with this, Anafapyt indicates that it is in the formation of a common front with the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of the United Mexican States (Concamin), chaired by José Antonio Abugaber Andonie, since it considers that the Government has placed limitations on maritime terminals.

"This, because the presence of the Armed Forces in the customs of the national territory sows concern about a lack of knowledge on commercial issues on the part of personnel and managers, coupled with generating bottlenecks, because there is more slowness in terms of compliance with procedures," the statement said.

The Association reports that this derives from the approach for the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena ) and the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar) to be in charge of the surveillance and administration of the country's ports and customs to strengthen tax collection, facilitate trade and strengthen national security, "in accordance with the actions undertaken by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to combat corruption during his administration in different countries. federal institutions".

Thus, Sedena monitors 21 border customs offices and 13 internal customs, while Semar is in charge of 17 maritime customs.

Anafapyt points out that Article 5 of the Internal Regulations of the ANAM stipulates that the general directorates and the Administration and Finance Unit, directorates, customs administrations, subdirectorates, department heads, liaisons, foreign trade officers are integrated with their holders and other public service personnel assigned to them in accordance with these Regulations.

To this is added the power of the Agency to appoint to the positions indicated personnel who belong or have belonged to the Armed Forces of Mexico, in accordance with the applicable provisions.

"These modifications to customs institutions have been the subject of various criticisms, since the militarization of civilian tasks is proposed," says the Association.

"Additionally, it contributes to a federal policy of granting tasks to the armed forces other than national security, such as the construction of infrastructure projects, administration of state enterprises, the guarantee of public security, among others," he adds.

"Given this, we consider that despite the restructuring in the customs institutions, there are no substantial changes in the corresponding regulations and provisions.

- Publicidad -

Therefore, we reaffirm our support as an essential sector of the productive industry, to urge the government to expedite the operation in these neuralgic points, fundamental for trade and development of the economy, which translate into revenues of millions of dollars and, therefore, the generation and maintenance of a large number of jobs, "concludes the statement.

Federico Duarte
Author: Federico Duarte
Editor en Latin Press, Inc.
Comunicador social y periodista con experiencia de más de 15 años en medios de comunicación. Apasionado por hacer de la vida una historia para contar. [email protected]

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