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A whole world in color to express yourself (I)


The vast landscape of opportunities opened up by the world of color, and the emotional impact gained from using this tool positively or negatively, encourages consumers to see the world with new eyes.

By Samantha MacLean*

Color creates innovative human experiences, full of characteristics strengthened by it and the textures that surround the environment. Our mood is directly affected by the physical world; Attracting attention to a new object, awakening an interest in new information that we want to convey or creating emotions is much more feasible.

For example, a traffic light keeps you alert when using red, yellow, and green colors; At the same time, it transmits information by associating colors with actions such as stopping, slowing down or moving forward. It is not surprising that these behaviors were inherited from nature and its uniqueness, since plants and animals use colors for different purposes such as attracting pollinators or potential mates, warning predators of toxicity or perhaps camouflaging themselves; Color definitely has purpose.

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The purpose of color
Have you ever walked into a place and had the feeling that the environment influences your mood? Maybe when you walked into the waiting room of a doctor's office, its blue walls seemed calm and comforting, or even the opposite!... Blue makes you feel like you've entered a cold, clinical environment, filling you with fear and uncertainty.

The influence of color can generate significant changes in our mood, emotions and even our behavior. Everything has been studied from psychology and marketing; Different colors can evoke different feelings and reactions in people, which is closely linked to individual life experiences.

Because of this, color awareness can be used to create new atmospheres and environments. Warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow generate a sense of joy, excitement, and energy, while cool colors such as blue, green, and purple can have a calming and relaxing effect.

Since we use color to express personality and individuality as an essential part of identity and self-expression, we must undoubtedly emphasize that color is integral to human culture and history.

During our development, different colors have been associated with symbolism and cultural meanings. We see how different cultures use colors to represent different ideas, beliefs and values; Thus, color can be used for nonverbal communication as a differentiator. Let's see how red can be associated with luck in one culture and anger in another; Everything is influenced by the worldview and historical experience of culture.

Now that we have a foundation on the importance of color in an individual and culture, let's look at how we are influenced from marketing, brand recognition or community building.

The influence of color
Color plays a vital role in sending silent messages: it gives context to consumers. Companies use it to generate visual interest, draw attention to important information, and differentiate their brand from the competition.

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So, a sports brand with a red logo can use color marketing to foster the excitement, passion, and energy of shoppers. Instead, a bank that uses blue in its logo can seek association with tranquility, trust, and stability.

Usually the color used in a company's logo, packaging or advertising material can silently convey a large amount of information; from reinforcing the coherent visual identity to helping people recognize and remember the brand.

In architectural spaces, we often see that color is used to size the space. By attracting or moving attention away from the details of an environment, designers and architects use many design and color principles to exalt the physical attributes of a space. By mixing factors such as lighting, function, furniture or decoration and intention, they can make a small room seem larger, more attractive and organized; The choice of light colors and the influence of well-oriented lighting can be decisive in a place.

Color in painting
The ace up the sleeve of designers and renovators suggests the use of paint as a simple and economical option to renovate the home. By changing the color of a space, the interior or exterior of the place is refreshed, and unlike other environment renovation projects, such as installing new floors or replacing furniture, painting does not require tools or specialized knowledge.

Almost all of us, regardless of skill level, can have fun and completely transform the look of a room by applying a fresh coat of paint.

The color in the paint also allows to cover imperfections, chafing or stains and touch up the appearance of a space without the need for major repairs. Likewise, the wide range of colors and finishes available in paints allow the consumer to find the perfect option for any style or budget.

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Traveling from bold and vibrant colors to subtle and neutral tones, there is a color in coatings that awakens the senses of each of us and reflects our preferences. In addition, texture and depth can be added to a space by using the different matte, glossy or satin finishes next to objects that are the focal point of a place.

*Colour Marketing & Design Manager at Lorama Group Inc.
[email protected]

Federico Duarte
Author: Federico Duarte
Editor en Latin Press, Inc.
Comunicador social y periodista con experiencia de más de 15 años en medios de comunicación. Apasionado por hacer de la vida una historia para contar. [email protected]

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