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How to leave the swimming pool ready to enjoy in the summer?


Is there anything nicer than enjoying a refreshing dip in a pool of crystal clear waters when the thermometer marks high temperatures? To reach that stage, it is only necessary to complete a few steps, which are now available to everyone, and which are easy to resolve.

By Sui Color*

It should be noted that the ideal period for the tuning of the swimming pool, whether fiberglass, concrete or plastered masonry, is between September 1 and November 15.

"The first thing to do in the case of maintaining a swimming pool that has already been used in other seasons is to empty it completely and clean it in three steps: first with water and muriatic acid, then with water and chlorine and finally with water and detergent," says network manager Sui Color, Guillermo Ortega.

Once the pool is clean and dry, it then indicates, "if it is made of concrete or plastered masonry and taking into account that with the passage of time they can begin with water losses, cracks, blisters in the paint and other defects, you must proceed to the sanding and scraping of the same and the repair of the breaks that may exist. "

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If there are cracks, and that these are not very deep, you can use a silicone-based product for filling and sealing. In the case of being deep, use specific elastic putty for repair or cement mixed with sealing components. In both cases, the method of use and drying indicated by the manufacturer must always be respected.

The next instance, when the surfaces have been rinsed and allowed to dry, is that of repainting. The same should be done in the morning, once there is no dew, and should last only until noon.

Ideal paints for this step should be water-based or solvent-based. Thanks to the possibilities offered by the market today, the range of colors in the field of this type of paints not only go through blue, light blue or white, but also includes the color sand or emerald green, among others.

However, the painting of the pool can be done by hand or through painting machines, which today are offered in specialized businesses at affordable prices.

If it is to be painted by hand, two hands should be done in total, leaving a period of 24 hours between the first and second. An important point is that, if it rains between hands, once the rain stops, the accumulated water must be removed from the bottom of the pool, let it dry and then continue with the repainting.

Once the pool is completely dry, it must remain seven days without water. Now, after that week it only remains to fill the pool and dive to enjoy.

And if you decide to paint with a machine, the procedure will be similar to that of hand painting. That is, the same previous steps are followed but the work and its completion will be much faster, as well as neat.

The painting equipment, in addition to being easy to handle, allows you to save paint, because they absorb the direct paint from the 20-liter can, so you should not be reloading the roller or carrying the can or bucket of paint everywhere.

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"This is what makes the work more neat, because there will be no possibility of paint falling all over the pool," Ortega continues.

Finally, the work will have a better finish, it will be more professional and there will be more neatness on the surface, in addition to no roller or brush marks. That is, everything will be painted evenly and easily.

At present there are some chains and shops dedicated to the sale of paints that also offer this type of machinery, as well as comprehensive advice to their buyers. There are different sizes and prices.

New pools
Very few know that all new pools except fiberglass must be filled with water for three to six months before being used.

To be able to graph it, this procedure is similar to the "curing" of a new mate, and is what allows to extract alkalinity from the brand new pool. After this period has elapsed, it should be emptied and proceed to the three cleaning steps mentioned above.

In the case of fiberglass pools, maintenance is simpler, but no less important. After approximately five to six years of use, due to chlorine, tartar and sunlight, among others, the fiber deteriorates and acquires porosity.

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There are paints on the market especially indicated to leave this kind of pools again optimal for use.

To avoid burning
You do not need to suffer a burn on the soles of your feet to reach the pool. To avoid this unpleasant sensation, water-based pool coverings can be purchased, specially designed to paint the edges of them. Such products are easy to apply and come in the colors sand and quartz.

They are made from acrylic emulsions and acrylic styrenes, and serve to restore, renovate and protect tiles and tiles from the edges of pools and solariums. "In addition, obviously, to arrive without burns to dive into the pool," concludes Ortega.

It should be noted that all paint shops usually have advisors who help buyers choose the most convenient products to reach the summer with the pool ready to enjoy.

*Sui Color Pinturería is a growing and expanding company in the field of paint making. It has more than 30 years of experience, always personally attended by its owners, highly trained in the home, work and industry sector.

Federico Duarte
Author: Federico Duarte
Editor en Latin Press, Inc.
Comunicador social y periodista con experiencia de más de 15 años en medios de comunicación. Apasionado por hacer de la vida una historia para contar. [email protected]

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