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Clariant launches applications for paints and coatings for constructions

Brazil. Clariant presents in Abrafati the novelties of its portfolio. Innovations in paints and coatings for applications in this sector offer pigment paste producers, formulators and end users of paints and coatings support for the creation of more sustainable and attractive environments, which adapt to the rapid global urbanization.

This help can be in the form of a bold painting in large constructions, made with more efficiency and less use of resources, or maintaining the excellent appearance of buildings painted with intense colors after the application of a single hand, or even, allowing architects to safely use the natural and sustainable properties of wood in inspiring skyscrapers or interiors.

The use of wood, called "new concrete"[1] by some, is becoming increasingly common in the facades and interiors of buildings, as well as in residential and commercial facilities in cities. Used in the structure of new buildings, as a coating of facades, in external areas in general or in the internal part of the constructions, wood provides very specific protection and safety benefits.

To preserve the look and quality of exterior woods in the long term, the new Hostavin™ 3315 DISP offers the benefit of sustainable UVA protection, without hazard classification, to coatings and water-based paint systems. The UV absorber has excellent photopermanence and high resistance to migration, which allows to keep the coating, for example, in perfect condition, regardless of weather conditions.

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When used in conjunction with the Hostavin™ 3070 DISP sterically impeded amine-based light stabilizer (HALS), the benefits of a transparent coating are much more durable. Both have Clariant's EcoTain® seal in recognition of their sustainability attributes.

The new Ceridust™ 1060 TP, also with EcoTain seal, is an innovative almost 100% renewable natural wax additive for internal wood coatings for use in furniture, floors, window frames and beams. The product offers the right softness, high scratch resistance and non-slip properties expected from a high-quality protective finish. Formulators also benefit from its easy dispersion.

Sustainability aspects can also be transferred to construction sites. Clariant's Exolit® AP 435 non-halogenated flame retardant is intended for water-based intumescent coatings for use in steel, with easy application even in cold environments and after long storage periods. Clariant's ammonium polyphosphate, which receives the company's EcoTain seal, solves a known difficulty associated with the long-term applicability of intumescent coatings.

 "Clariant's solutions benefit the entire chain for more beautiful and sustainable cities in the long term. This is because we offer our customers in the coatings industry ingredients that increase efficiency, reduce the use of resources and allow the launch of safe, high-performance and environmentally compatible products," says Eliandro Felipe, Regional Sales Manager BU Additives Clariant Latin America.

Clariant's new  Dispersogen® PLF 100 is an innovative polymer dispersant with low foaming that helps increase efficiency in the production of pigment pastes, including the use of red pigment concentrates that are difficult to disperse. Finished pastes present a powerful and surprising intensity of color in paintings for facades. In addition, its low foaming characteristics are also perceived during application.  During the painting process, less microfoam is generated and the painted surfaces are smoother. In addition, the additive allows pigment pastes to maintain their original viscosity levels during storage for up to 2 years. Another advantage is that the Dispersogen PLF 100 remains in the applied film without being leached in case of exposure of the paint to moisture before drying. In this way, the so-called "snail paths" in colored paints are eliminated, saving time and resources necessary to cover them.

"By offering sustainable innovations for external environments, Clariant provides greater efficiency while valuing the aesthetics of buildings. The new polymer dispersant Dispersogen PLF 100 has an advanced technology that reduces the production time of pigment pastes, helps eliminate application defects and preserves the intensity of paint colors," says Marcia Rios, Head of Industrial Application BU ICS Clariant Latin America.

Even paints used in heavy vehicles — an integral part of today's urban landscape — are making their mark on sustainable cities. Mass production of high-intensity, high-volume shades requires the paint manufacturer to perform complex dispersion to achieve the perfect tone of high-performance coatings. It is generally a time-consuming and expensive process in terms of environmental impact, production time and cleaning effort.

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Clariant's new generation of pigments not only offers high-gloss colors, it also simplifies the dispersion process much more in a high-speed dissolver, making the sphere mill unnecessary. That improves eco-efficiency and flexibility. Production time can be reduced by approximately 85% and energy consumption by up to 90%, generating a significantly lower level of wastewater and less need for cleaning, as well as allowing a possible cost savings of 30%.

"Clariant's new generation pigments, which were called easy-to-disperse pigments, represented a significant impact on the market in recent years. Clariant's unique technology reached such a high level of maturity that these pigments became part of the regular product portfolio, using Clariant's standard pigment nomenclature," says Geraldo Ventola, Sales Head BU Pigments Clariant Latin America.

Duván Chaverra Agudelo
Author: Duván Chaverra Agudelo
Jefe Editorial en Latin Press, Inc,.
Comunicador Social y Periodista con experiencia de más de 16 años en medios de comunicación. Apasionado por la tecnología y por esta industria.

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