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An example for the industry

The Professional of the month in this edition corresponds to Mexico and is represented by a leader in the sector: David Arciniega Soriano, President of Anafapyt and Director of Marketing and Wholesale Customers of Pintumex.

by Duván Chaverra Agudelo

Mexico is a country that can be proud to have worthy representatives of the painting industry, and proof of this is the progress and development that exists in what is the second largest marketer and producer of paints in Latin America after Brazil.

For all that, Mexicans have many experiences to tell and knowledge to share, and what better opportunity than the Professional of the Month section to meet one of the most important representatives of that country today. This is engineer David Arciniega Soriano, current President of the National Association of Paint and Ink Manufacturers (Anafapyt) and Director of Marketing and Wholesale Customers of Pintumex.

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David is a native of Mexico City, graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 1988, Faculty of Engineering. He has postgraduate studies from the Anahuac University and the Tecnológico de Monterrey, in the Reengineering of processes, finance, marketing and sales. Throughout his career he has held important positions in companies related to the paints sector such as General Paint, Grupo Comex and Pintumex; he has also worked in companies outside the sector such as Compañía Papelera Escolar, IBM de México, Metrored and HP. 

As for his family and personal life, Engineer Arciniega comes from a Michoacan father and a Nayarit mother. He is the youngest son of five siblings, and is currently happily married for 21 years, a marriage that has given fruit to two children in full academic training.

Sport and travel are also an important part of the development of his life, especially if he shares them with his family: "From a very young age I have been interested in sport, however in the activity that I could highlight was in the bowling alley with which I came to represent the UNAM and achieve in my category the third national place. Trips are also a passion and more when I do them with my family; the trips trigger a series of knowledge from other cultures that help to understand the environment in which we live.  What I like most about myself is the dedication and passion to all the aspects that I put in my life, always leading my family with whom I share all my triumphs and dreams".

Your professional development

His link to the industry came without warning. But he considers it a blessing, since they are already more than 25 years linked to this guild. 

"I am blessed by God to encounter this sector, practically without thinking about it. Looking for alternatives for personal development I was hired as Planning and Systems Manager in the company General Paint, at that time belonging to a leader in the field like Akzo Nobel, this happened more than 25 years ago, which have allowed me to understand the sector and propose innovative solutions to detonate the market. In this company I had the pleasure of meeting the Engineer Manuel Gutiérrez Álvarez (former president of Anafapyt) and from whom I learned a lot about the sector and product development, as well as being an example to follow even as president of Anafapyt. 

That experience and excellent professional contacts have been key to his professional development, but the Engineer also highlights other aspects that have allowed him to endure over time. "Undoubtedly, the knowledge of the market where one operates, technological updating, innovation, the ability to adapt to the changes and demands that the sector demands are fundamental factors.  

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to be competitive and stay in a very competitive market."

All these factors mentioned above have allowed him to achieve significant achievements in this world of paints and coatings, contributing both to his company and to his association. 

"Within the industry I have been able to participate in different areas and one of them is the production area, where capitalizing on the knowledge acquired I helped the company where I work today, Pintumex, to be more efficient and to double the capacity of the production plant, which today supports the growth that the company is having. Another area that I am passionate about is the area of research and development, where I am also fortunate to see crystallized the dream of seeing products on the market where I have actively participated in the development of them, and by the way, with great success. A recent achievement is to have achieved, within Anafapyt, an important growth in the number of associates, which today represents the group strength that the industry has".

At present, Engineer Arciniega has the goal of positioning our sector through the association he directs. "While it is true that I have worked in different very important industries, I definitely see my professional future in the paints and coatings sector. It is a sector that allows to contribute in many areas to the development of the industry. However, today I am focused on giving our sector the place it deserves in the national economy. And all this through Anafapyt.

About the Mexican market

David Arciniega is optimistic about the economic growth that the Mexican market may achieve in the near future, in fact, expectations for this year are optimistic. "Our market is very competitive, the diversity of brands and products that the end user has at their fingertips represents an opportunity to acquire products of the highest quality, which will definitely help this year 2015 to have an important growth in the sector". 

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The issue of innovation and sustainability are the challenges that continue to be established in the sector, as highlighted by the Professional of the Month: "The economic present is undoubtedly a very important challenge that must be faced, and innovation and sustainability are factors that should help the generation of products that give added value to our sector. That is why the last two years Anafapyt, which today I have the pleasure of representing, has fostered in all participants in the development of the paints and coatings industry innovation and sustainability through different events and to show two buttons:

1. Anafapyt Technical Conferences, which this year was held with great success in Guadalajara. 

2. Anafapyt Expo LACS 2015, which took place from June 30 to July 2, where in more than 6,000 meters of exhibition floor we managed to present the leading national and international supplier companies of the sector, where we undoubtedly find technology, materials and training that will help us develop the sector in an innovative and sustainable way.

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