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A Peruvian with an eco-friendly vision

Jaime BaldeónThe professional of the month of this edition is a representative of Peru, the fashionable country in the region for its economic news, in which the paints and coatings industry also makes its contribution to the growth of that nation.

by Duván Chaverra Agudelo

Engineer Jaime Baldeón Garibaldi represents Peru, one of the countries in Latin America that has shown the best economic progress in recent years. His 24 years of experience give the endorsement to our professional of the month to speak properly about the paints and coatings industry.

But before we get into the professional issue, let's get to know the human being inside the engineer a little better. Jaime was born in the city of Huancayo, department of Junín, on September 16, 1962, he is the oldest of 6 children. His parents always taught him to be a fighter despite the adversities that life presented him during his childhood and adolescence.

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Very grateful to the teachers who crossed his academic path, Jaime understood that his future was in chemistry and for that reason he decided to enter the world of formulas and applications: "Thanks to the excellent professors at the Salesian College I knew early that chemistry was my thing so I entered the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos to the Faculty of Chemical Engineering. The 80s and 90s were times of social and economic crisis in Peru, but despite these circumstances I managed to graduate as a Chemical Engineer," said the guest.

From the third year of chemical studies, engineer Baldeón saw the need to start forging his career path by entering a natural dye industry. During that time he understood that his talent was inclined towards pure chemistry and research.

"After finishing university I decided to look for other experiences and so I arrived at the Compañía Industrial Polux S.A., at that time leader in Industrial and Marine coatings in Peru with the JET brand. Here I began my passion for paintings, having as teachers the pioneers of the developments of paintings in Peru: Eng. Rómulo Marquina and Eng. Pedro Aliaga, from whom I learned the bases of this field. At that time this company became a licensee of Ameron products, so we had an excellent technology transfer and constant training (in 1997 it was acquired by CPPQ S.A.) " Jaime explained.

In 1992 he arrived at the research and development laboratory of Sherwin Williams Peruana, a subsidiary of Sherwin Williams Company. There says our professional of the month who specialized in the industrial and marine field. Then, in 1999, he came to Sherwin Williams Peru, where he had the opportunity to reinforce his knowledge, update himself and put into practice the use of new technologies. From 2006 to the present, Jaime is the coordinator of new product development of CPPQ S.A.

His achievements
Throughout his 24 years of experience, there are many goals met by Engineer Baldeón, who does not hide his satisfaction for having worked, according to him, in the most important companies in the Latin market and having traveled all some countries in South America sharing his knowledge in corrosion and paints.

"I am pleased to have been a participant in the development in the 90s of the first environmentally friendly coatings in Peru, such as high solid paints (low VOC), 100% solid coatings, can and coil coatings, floor coverings; as well as epoxy coatings diluble in water, etc., which a little ahead of the time served as a basis for the change of mentality of users and to become aware that paints were no longer very polluting in a market where to date there are no specific regulations for the control of emissions and environmental protection", Jaime commented.

The market in Peru
Few are surprised to hear that Peru is a country that year after year registers the best numbers in terms of economic growth. According to a report by hsbc global research bank, the Inca country will be the fastest growing in the world until 2050 and today it is established as the least vulnerable nation in Latin America in the face of international crises. The paint industry also makes its contribution to the good time that Peruvians are experiencing.

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"Peru is currently experiencing a sustained growth of its GDP, which has caused a certain economic well-being in society, with the upward trend of per capita consumption of paints, which forecasts a growth of the sector. For that reason I believe that professionals and, logically, companies must be prepared and compete internally and externally with new technology products and with international quality, "said Baldeón.

As in the rest of Latin America, research continues to go towards the production of environmentally friendly products. Jaime explains that "currently the trend in the chemical paint industry is towards the search and investment in the development of sustainable processes and products based on green chemistry. What is sought is to consume fewer resources and pollute less, producing environmentally friendly products, with low VOC content, 100% solid; water-dilutable paints and nanotechnology-based products".

Finally, the professional of the month ensures that always being thinking about the production of new alternatives is what currently allows companies to remain current and competitive in such a demanding market and with a client who day by day knows much more about the products he wants to implement.

"Innovation is a unique opportunity to improve the competitiveness of companies and secure a future in a global environment that presents significant challenges to the survival of any business."

To highlight
Under the magnifying glass
Jaime Baldeón is a Chemical Engineer from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, in Peru. He is also a member of NACE and SSPC. Nace CIP Level 2 Inspector, SSPC-PCS, SSPC-CCI.

His 24 years of experience in the field of coatings research and development have allowed him to specialize in new technologies within the paints and coatings sector.

- Publicidad -

He worked as head of Research and Development in the Peruvian companies Cia. Industrial Pólux and Sherwin Williams Peruana S.A., as well as in the Research and Development Laboratory of Sherwin Williams Chile and as head of the Technical Department of Sherwin Williams Peru.

He currently serves as Coordinator of New Product Development of the Peruvian company Corporación Peruana de Productos Químicos S.A. (CPPQ), where he is implementing the development of new coating technologies, especially those of High Performance and Environmentally Friendly Coatings.

In addition, he is part of the Academic Committee of the CubreCol 2012 Congress, is the author of technical articles and a national and international lecturer.

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