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Industry meets at COATech Mexico 2012

altA stage to exchange information, present news and generate business will be for industry players at the COATech Mexico 2012 fair.

On May 2, 3 and 4, the fifth version of COATech Mexico will be held at the Banamex Center in Mexico City. This exhibition stands out for being the only one nationwide specialized in powder painting, coatings and corrosion control. This will allow participants to establish contact and business relationships with more than 3,500 visitors and industry specialists.

This meeting will also be the perfect setting to bring together new technologies, trends and product launches of the most important companies in paint application systems, industrial coatings, powder coatings application booths, recovery equipment, curing furnaces, dust collectors, technology for surface handling, industrial washing, corrosion control and prevention, among others.

In addition to the above, it should be noted that this event brings together in one place the possibility of attracting new customers and qualified potential buyers. This is confirmed by the figures of the 2011 edition.

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Last year, of the total number of attendees, 20% belonged to the group of business owners, 19% to general managers, 17% to production or manufacturing managers and finally, 10% were purchasing managers.

Similarly, more than 75% of attendees said that they were part of the decision process or influenced it in the face of the purchase of the product. The survey conducted to determine the level of influence on the purchase decision showed that 44% of attendees make such a decision, 31% recommend, 17% are part of the evaluation of products and suppliers while only 8% were not involved in the process.

The variety of exhibiting and attending companies are one of COATech's main strengths. For example, it is noteworthy that among the categories of products and services present are abrasives, booths for powder coating application, dust collectors, vacuum cleaners, filtration, inspection equipment, measuring equipment, equipment for application and recovery of powder coating and equipment for the manufacture of powder paint.

Likewise, manufacturers and distributors of electrostatic paint, manufacturers and distributors of powder coating, curing furnaces, corrosion inhibitors, industrial washing, cleaning of parts, pre-treatment equipment, paint mixers, corrosion prevention, chemicals for pre-treatment, industrial coatings and coatings, powder coating systems, integration and installation, surface treatment, will be present, training, advisory and consulting services, among others.

Undoubtedly, having events of this type in the Latin American market and more punctually in Mexico is a must. This is stated by the organizers of COATech when expressing that "beyond the type of company or industry, the secret of success is to reach the right public, at the right time and in the right place."

In addition, they added that "the exhibitions represent exactly that, to be able to show a product to the potential client, who has a specific need and face to face, allowing the visitor to compare all the existing options in the same space. In this sense, participation in specialized fairs and exhibitions is an effective marketing tool, easy to measure, as well as a unique opportunity to build relationships."

In that sense, COATech Mexico 2012 is presented as the ideal platform for the launch of new products, achieve positioning in the market, achieve greater brand recognition, as well as being an excellent forum to create new business opportunities, establish new contacts and expand business relationships with key people in the industry.

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In addition to the above, the visitor will be able to find a diversity of suppliers specialized in offering solutions for the powder painting, coatings and corrosion control industry in one place; you will also be able to compare your options and analyze new existing solutions to your specific needs or problems.

Likewise, "attendees will have the opportunity to solve their doubts by consulting experts directly, learn about new products and solutions in the industry, as well as observe future trends to anticipate and innovate," added the spokespersons of the fair.

Finally, it should be noted that three more exhibitions will be held simultaneously, WELDMEX, METALFORM and FABTECH, which will be connected to each other with COATech facilitating all visitors to circulate freely through the more than 15,000 m² of exhibition that will add up in their entirety the four exhibitions.

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