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Good suppliers for good paints

The paint market in Brazil is one of the most important although local companies should not look to expand. So thinks Otto Rohr, ad portas of his retirement from the management of Miracema Nuodex, one of the main suppliers of this country.

Otto Rhor – Brazil

By Vanesa Restrepo

The relevance of Brazil within the market of paints and coatings is unconcealable, due to its size it is one of the largest and among its diversity of offers are the main formulators and suppliers in the world, as well as an important group of local companies that serve the national market.

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But when talking about the history of this industry, you necessarily have to look to Hungary, the place where the man who would later give life to one of the most important chemical supplier companies in the country was born: Miracema Nuodex. This is Otto Rhor, who despite being born in the center of Europe, has developed his entire professional life in Brazil, where he has already completed more than half a century of permanent residence and where he has stood out as one of the preferred suppliers for paint formulators in the country.

"The Brazilian paint market is the largest in Latin America, dominated by the largest multinational painting companies. Anticipating its growth, in the face of the greatest global economic crisis in the history of humanity is not an easy task," says Rhor when asked about the current moment of the industry in Brazil.

For Rhor, expansion to other countries should not be the priority for manufacturers, although he recognizes that as a supplier it has commercial relations with the entire region. "In the other countries of Latin America there are important paint factories supplying local markets. It should not be the intention of Brazilian companies to compete in other countries," he explained.

He added that "we as producers of inputs for the manufacture of paints, export increasing volumes of these raw materials to all Latin American countries."

Rhor came to Brazilian lands to work with his brother in the company Químicas Rodolfo Rhor S.A., which initially only manufactured industrial lubricating oils. With this range of products, the company became an exclusive supplier to different multinational firms engaged in oil activities.

Later, and in homage to the city of Miracema, in the state of Goiás, the company changed its name to Companhia Miracema S.A.

Already in the 70s, the company began its diversification process, both in production and in the markets. As a result, the process of acquisitions and alliances began: "In October 1972 we managed to buy Nuodex Brasil in Rio de Janeiro, which at the time was the absolute leader in the manufacture of additives for paints." The acquired company was a subsidiary of Nuodex USA "the first company, in 1932, to start producing dryers for paints," explains our professional of the month.

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After the acquisition, the company Miracema-Nuodex S.A was born, which with different product lines, serves various markets, including paints.

"With our technology of high-concentration octoate dryers – until today our acronym 'HC' – and the American technology of other additives for paints, we managed to take the first steps towards industrial success in this area that was in full development and growth in Brazil", Rhor recounts.

Considering the large number of paint formulators for all segments in Brazil, Rhor and his company have developed a whole line of products aimed at this market. Within the offer available for water-based paints, dispersants, moisturizers, defoamers and biocides are included. Meanwhile, for solvent-based coatings, dryers, dispersants and biocides, among others, have been developed.

Keys to success
Innovation and investments in new technologies, complemented by excellent customer service, have been the flags that our professional of the month has had at the helm of Miracema Nuodex. These keys have allowed him to generate significant growth in the company, and achieve recognition both in Brazil and in the rest of Latin America.

One of these investments was executed a few years ago and directly benefits the painting industry. It is an Application Laboratory of Paints, whose main purpose is to support the areas of research and development of Brazilian paint formulators, through the certification of different products such as mixture of dryers, dispersants, defoamers, among others.

Another of the strategies considered successful for our professional of the month, is the added varlo. "Adding greater value to the products manufactured in the area of paints is something achieved through technological development, thus achieving superior quality in the products, in relation to those existing in the market," says Rhor.

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In the 55 years of his company, Rhor believes that they have managed to acquire enough experience to overcome the current difficulties. "Traditionally we have invested between 1.5 and 2% of our turnover in research and development, so we can face the challenge of being at the forefront with quality and good performance of our products."

European skin, Brazilian heart

Otto Rhor was born in December 1933 in Hungary shortly before the start of World War II, into a Hungarian-Viennese family. He remained there throughout the war period, until he moved into his father's house in Vienna, a building built in 1842 and still inhabited by members of his family.

His training process began in Budapest, where he completed the first three years of basic education and continued in Graz, 200 km south of Vienna, where he finished high school and developed his career as a chemical engineer at the Technical University of Graz, from which he graduated in December 1960.

Rhor's arrival in Brazil occurred in 1961, at the invitation of his brother Rodolfo, who had emigrated in 1949 and, five years later, had already founded his own company in the city of Campinas, state of São Paulo. "I arrived on Brazilian soil, more specifically in the city of Santos, on February 11, 1961, a Carnival Saturday, to work with my brother," he recalls.

Rhor has been at the helm of his company until now, when his two sons, André and Stefan have taken the reins. During his tenure, the company grew significantly, obtained environmental certifications, adopted new technologies and a system of laboratories that have allowed to diversify and strengthen the quality of products and service.

This is reflected in the different awards obtained, among which are several editions of the Paint & Painting Award as the best supplier of additives for paints in Brazil, in the category of biocides. He has also received recognition from the Union of the Paints and Varnishes Industry of the State of São Paulo, Sitivesp; of the Brazilian Association of Paint Manufacturers, Abrafati. From Sherwin Williams and the Top Supplier of 3M.

Despite his replacement in the direction of Miracema Nuodex, Rhor will not completely abandon the exercise, as he plans to continue at the head of the Board of Partners of the company that today has 203 direct collaborators and 64 outsourced that allow him to fear more than 300 different products in his portfolio, to serve markets on five continents. Its goal is to achieve growth of at least 5% per year from 2010.

Author: Vanesa Restrepo

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